Astrology is a language.  
If you understand this language, the sky speaks to you
 ~ Dane Rudhyar

Astrology Consultation

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In the beginning, every client who I've had the privilege of speaking with wants to understand how to make a relevant change in some part of their life; whether it involved their relationships, children, job or well being.
For over thirty years, Ive been refining a system that combines psychological, spiritual, evolutionary astrology with the concepts from A Course in Miracles.  Astrology offers awareness of past life dynamics.  The innate talents and gifts we have; whether in the process of development or fully formed.  Also, the challenges our soul chose to make progress on or overcome during this lifetime.  A Course in Miracles offers mind training that releases anxiety and doubt by building trust in the power of Spiritual connection, providing the mind tools necessary to navigate through the pockets of fear and confusion.  This nonreligious but spiritual approach to observing thought patterns is the pivotal component that breaks or eases karmic patterns.  Working with the mindset it provides, we can shift out of the past and its repetitive experiences.

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