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Bonnie Miller Donaldson has been studying astrology for umpteen years and has the unique ability to:

 1) point out where you shine (nice!)

 2) guide you through the rough waters of tricky relationships (or really bad ones).

 3) suggest how to handle the situations in life where you have a tendency to get stuck (sometimes over and over again).

 4) give you a heads-up when your astrological chart shows that the times we experience as 'hard' are coming soon to help you evolve to your highest Self.      

No, she can't do it for you- it takes effort, but she is a wonderful guide.  Kind, patient, insightful, intuitive (unbelievably) she will help you, bust you, and generally hold your hand as we all attempt to 'take the high road'. 

June W.   (Client since 1991)

I have been in contact with Bonnie since 2003. I find her amazing! She knows more about me than I do. She says she can see it in my chart. I believe it is also her strong intuition. :-)


As a part of the "moon group" knowing the upcoming shifts in energy can help us prepare for what may come our way. She helps me to stay grounded. Her knowledge of the stars is real and she helps us to apply it to everyday life. She is always available for help or consultation, has the patience of a saint, and has helped me through some difficult times by her words and explanations of planetary influences. She is there to help us move in a positive direction.  


Bonnie has also given me direction on books to read that have turned out to be valuable tools.


I would recommend Bonnie to anyone. I feel I have made positive advancements in my life as a result of knowing her.


        Cindy D.  (Client since 2003)

A friend introduced me to Bonnie’s services last year and I am so grateful to have her in my life. 

I have found that her personal write-ups and monthly group write-ups have helped me tremendously with facing challenges and changes in my life. Her one on one readings have really helped me to ask more in depth questions and to realize why certain things may be happening in my life. 

I have contacted Bonnie on several occasions with questions regarding certain situations in my life and she is always so encouraging and helpful towards me. I have noticed a very positive change within me and I thank Bonnie for continuing to help me through my journey. 

       Martha K.  (Client since 2011)

I appreciate the opportunity to share the profound impact that Bonnie Miller Donaldson and her work have on my life. Bonnie introduced me to Evolutionary Astrology in the summer of 2004 when she did my chart and subsequent reading.  

She opened a whole new world to me in the context of my soul's purpose and the "bottom line" of my chart in my current incarnation. 

As one of the original members of the Moon Group (which Bonnie has been organizing and managing since 2005) I was able to delve deeper into my soul's evolution through the intuitive and astrological insight that Bonnie provides on a monthly basis. The monthly readings (both collective and one-on-one) serve as a blueprint for what energies are at play astrologically and how those energies might impact my life. Bonnie gently and succinctly provides tangible techniques on how to work with the energies and my relationship to myself and others so I can move through life consciously and easily. The insight and tools that Bonnie provides has both enhanced my personal growth and supported my commitment to live a life of 100% responsibility. 

Life can be challenging but working with Bonnie through those challenges consistently enables me to jump the hurdles. Thusly allowing me expand and grow (evolve!) into the person I am destined to be. As I chart my path through life, I am truly grateful for the beacon of light that is Bonnie.

        Melissa B.  (Client since 2004)

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